MULCH: Performance Picnic

9 November 2019

Bring a picnic blanket and refreshments and join us for a splendid afternoon of live art and sonic performance in the System Garden.

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Montalto: Vipoo Srivilasa workshop

10 November 2019

Inside Out is a year-long program that invites you to shift your experience of the Potter by exploring the artistic opportunities that exist both inside and outside of our galleries.

Soon, we’ll be taking Inside Out to the Mornington Peninsula – because what better way to encourage a true connection with creativity than through art, wine and an idyllic setting. Our intention? To give you the opportunity to engage with art and ideas outside of the usual context of the gallery space.

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Great Sporting Land

From 20 August 2019

Google Arts & Culture launched Great Sporting Land – the first dedicated celebration of sporting culture on Google Arts & Culture. Collections, stories and knowledge from over 30 renowned institutions across Australia, including the Potter.

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Exhibitions & Special Projects

Special Projects
Inside Out
4 May 2019 — 4 Dec 2019
Special Projects

Google Arts & Culture

Hannah Gartside 'Fall/Winter' 1986 (detail) 2018 found scarves, blouses and necklaces, electroplated found shoes and bag, thread, fans Courtesy the artist Photograph: Louis Lim
Performing Textiles
17 Aug 2019 — 25 Aug 2019
Special Projects
Liam Gillick: Some significant equations, 2019
18 Apr 2019 — 2 Jun 2019
Clement Meadmore: The art of mid-century design installation view, Ian Potter Museum of Art, the University of Melbourne, 2018 Photograph: Christian Capurro
Clement Meadmore: The art of mid-century design
20 Nov 2018 — 24 Mar 2019
Athanasius Kircher Musurgia universalis 1650 vol. 2, Rome: Francisci Corbelletti Rare Music, Special Collections, Baillieu Library, the University of Melbourne
24 Jul 2018 — 28 Oct 2018
State of the Union
24 Jul 2018 — 28 Oct 2018


Performance Picnic

MULCH: System Garden Picnic

9 Nov 2019
Art, food & wine

Montalto: Vipoo Srivilasa

10 Nov 2019
Art, food & wine

Montalto: Minna Gilligan

27 Oct 2019
Interdisciplinary public forum


19 Oct 2019
Double Double
29 Jun 2019
Water: Interdisciplinary public forum
24 May 2019 — 25 May 2019