21 x 10: Ten inspiring artworks to spark conversation - Ian Potter Museum of Art

21 x 10: Ten inspiring artworks to spark conversation

25 Jul 2021 — 17 Nov 2022

21 x 10 provided a new platform for the unique perspectives that artists, academics, and the future generation of thinkers have on the world around us. While the Ian Potter Museum of Art undergoes major renovations, 21 x 10 shifted the University of Melbourne Art Collection beyond the walls of the museum with a physical exhibition throughout the Arts West building, and a series of programs across the University’s Parkville campus.

Developed in collaboration with students from the Faculty of Arts, the exhibition at Arts West presents ten artworks reflecting the extraordinary breadth and diversity of the Collection. Works were selected in response to critical issues directly affecting our community now and into the future. These include De-colonisation, Climate Change and Identity and Representation.

21 x 10 public programs engaged a multiplicity of perspectives, voices and academic disciplines to build on and amplify conversations started by the artists. The exhibition’s digital component provided ongoing opportunities for the publication of new material including video and podcast presentations by academics, artists and students, and new academic and creative responses to artworks. Physical public programs included outdoor events and performances, artist-led workshops, seminars and artwork screenings. Through these programs, we invite our diverse audiences to share ideas, ask questions, challenge historical narratives, and to imagine new futures.

21 x 10 recognised that art not only has the power to move and inspire audiences – it can also provide new insights into some of the most pressing cultural, political and social questions of our time while offering insights of hope, possibility, and change.


Presentation partners: Arts West Faculty of Arts, Buxton Contemporary, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, Grainger Museum, Old Quad, Melbourne School of Design and Science Gallery, Melbourne.