Since opening in 1998, the Ian Potter Museum of Art at the University of Melbourne has staged over 500 exhibitions and supported countless artists, curators, writers and academics. We are proud of our rich history of significant contributions to the cultural and social wealth of the University community – particularly students, the City of Melbourne and the state of Victoria.

But we know we’re capable of more. With your help, we want to cement our status as a world-class university art museum and embed the vital role of research, curiosity and discovery in everything we do. With this shared vision at our core, the Potter is focusing on the development and presentation of outstanding exhibitions and diverse public programs that challenge and engage our audiences. Developing an annual calendar of detailed, thoughtful and inclusive exhibitions, featuring the best of Australian and international practice, requires careful and considered planning across many months, if not years.

With planning for 2019 and the years ahead already underway, we are looking to you for support. With your generosity, 2019 can be our year to realise projects that are increasingly brave and that speak with a distinctive voice. Please donate before 30 June to help us realise our ambitions, and help the Potter create an environment that embraces risk taking and intellectual rigour and that encourages conversations that are bold and visionary.

The Potter plays a vitally important role in providing an artistic and cultural context for the academic programs of the University, regardless of the discipline of study. We also work with living artists, participating directly in the development of contemporary art. Like you, we believe in research, curiosity and discovery, and this underpins our commitment to generating meaningful dialogue and debate, supported by considered and focused programming.

By donating before 30 June, your continued support will help ensure both students, the University community and the wider public have the opportunity to experience diverse and challenging art and engaging and inspiring programming.

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