Help shape our future

As you know, the Potter is currently on the verge of an exciting new era, with our exhibition program recently winding up to make way for a major refurbishment and expansion of our museum spaces.

When the Potter re-opens in mid-2020 you will see a truly twenty-first century facility. The renewed Potter will be larger, better resourced and able to maintain its place as the leading university art museum in Australia.

To fully realise our ambitious new vision, we are calling on our community for donations and support. The gift you give will help to ensure that our programs in this revitalised new space remain engaging, relevant and extraordinary – well into the future.

Donations made now will contribute to showcasing the exhibitions and programs planned for our first season after reopening – where we will celebrate the diversity and riches of the University Art Collection.  Not seen in such depth since the museum first opened its doors in 1998, the Collection ranges from antiquity to contemporary art and features outstanding work by major Australian artists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, including international and Australian Indigenous material culture.

To support our continued work please donate to the Potter online now.

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