More love hours - Ian Potter Museum of Art

More love hours

21 Jul 2015 — 10 Oct 2015

Contemporary artists and craft

Curator: Suzette Wearne

More love hours brings together selected works by thirteen contemporary Australian artists who use craft media, techniques or processes in their practice. While the works reflect significant stylistic and thematic diversity, the exhibition demonstrates how artists use ‘traditional’ forms of creativity – ceramics, embroidery, weaving, paper-craft – to express contemporary values and complex ideologies.

More love hours than can ever be repaid is the title of a 1987 work by the late influential American artist Mike Kelley. Subversive, self-referential yet playful, this seminal work channelled the artist’s career-long interrogation of gender stereotypes, the art market and the division between categories of creativity. Some decades on, More love hours continues Kelley’s dialogue during a time in which the difference between ‘craft’ and ‘fine art’ is less clear than ever, and demonstrates the creative freedom which this expanding threshold allows.

Includes artists Stephen Bird, Fiona Cabassi, Dana Harris, Newell Harry, Rhys Lee, Raquel Ormella, Julia Robinson, Vipoo Srivilasa, Hiromi Tango, Anton Veenstra, and Yarrenyty Arltere artists Dulcie Sharpe, Louise Robertson and Rhonda Sharpe.