Talking Art Library - Jeffrey Smart's Hindmarsh tannery by Katja Wagner | Ian Potter Museum of Art

Talking Art Library – Jeffrey Smart’s Hindmarsh tannery by Katja Wagner

26 Nov 2017

The Talking Library was designed to provide access for Blind and Vision Impaired students to various cultural collections on campus through a series of audio files uploaded as podcasts. In the first instance, Academic programs at the Potter worked with art history students to select works from the collections (beginning with the University Art Collection at the Ian Potter Museum of Art) to write a visual description (specifically for vision-impaired visitors) and continued with a scholarly detail and a more in-depth analysis. The Talking Art Library is comprised of audio contributions by experts such as Art Historians and Curators but also students from a range of faculties, both undergraduate and postgraduate. By inviting students to build the library we offered the opportunity for them to engage with cultural collections on campus and provide them with professional training and experience.

Foremost, the Talking Art Library aimed to offer all students access to cultural collections and promoted an academic and enriching learning environment.