Waterside Workers’ Federation Film Unit shorts - Ian Potter Museum of Art

Waterside Workers’ Federation Film Unit shorts

17 Sep 2018

The Waterside Workers’ Federation Film Unit (WWFFU) was an organisation financed by several trade unions. It produced 11 (mainly documentary) films between 1953–58, putting forward a radical viewpoint on issues directly or indirectly of concern to the left of the Union movement. The four films screening as part of the Waterside Workers’ Federation program were: The hungry miles (1955), Four’s a crowd (1956), Not only the need … (1958) and Pensions for veterans (1954).

This screening started with a brief introduction by John Hughes, documentary filmmaker and Honorary Fellow with the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, and a written statement by one of the original members of the WWFFU, Norma Disher.

This screening was presented in collaboration with Artist Film Workshop (AFW). AFW is a film collective based in Melbourne with a focus on 16mm film. For more information visit www.artistfilmworkshop.org