Charles Gaines SOUND TEXT - Ian Potter Museum of Art

Charles Gaines SOUND TEXT

20 Oct 2017

The language of protest and resistance provides the music for this thought-provoking small chamber opera.  In Sound Text, political writings are ingeniously transcribed into harmonies and then layered with historical song melodies ranging from Reconstruction-era spirituals to French Revolutionary ballads. Created by renowned US conceptual artist Charles Gaines, with musical arrangements by Sean Griffin of Opera Povera, Sound Text is a unique fusion of art and music.

For more than forty years, Charles Gaines’ cross-disciplinary conceptual art practice has explored the relationship between aesthetics and politics through the use of semiotics, logic, and rule-based structures. This performance of Sound Text accompanies the artist’s participation in The Score, a multi-disciplinary exhibition which takes performance scores as a starting point to consider artworks which shift between sonic, visual and linguistic realms.

The performance includes a discussion with the artist.

Created by: Charles Gaines
Arranged by: Sean Griffin
Conducted by: Brett Kelly
Performers:  Dimity Shepherd (Mezzo Soprano), David Rogers-Smith (Tenor), Laurence Matheson (Piano), Quartz String Quartet: Kathryn Taylor (Violin), Philippa West (Violin), Merewyn Bramble (Viola), Zoe Wallace (Cello)