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Artist in Conversation

07 Oct 2019

Artist in Conversation: Maree Clarke with Samantha Comte and Jefa Greenaway

Join Maree Clarke, in conversation with Samantha Comte and Jefa Greenaway to mark the end of Ancestral Memory at Old Quad.

Artist and curator, Maree Clarke, tells the story of water on the lands of the Kulin Nation through exhibition, Ancestral Memory. Curated to inaugurate the ceremonial reopening of Old Quad, this exhibition stands as a powerful demonstration of resilience for Indigenous Australians and Traditional Country.

Marking the end of Ancestral Memory, the artist reflects on the experience including an emphasis on creating a new commission in glass – and ways in which this new medium has shaped ongoing work. Maree will be in conversation with Samantha Comte, Ian Potter Museum of Art Curator and Exhibition Coordinator, and Jefa Greenaway, Director of Greenaway Architects.

Maree Clarke is a Mutti Mutti/Wemba Wemba/Yorta Yorta/Boon Wurrung artist. A renowned cultural ‘revivifyer’, Maree has been active in reclaiming the visual/material culture of her Ancestors and re-thinking this in line with her lived experiences as a contemporary southeast Australian Aboriginal artist. Maree is Artist and Curator for Ancestral Memory.

Samantha Comte is Curator and Exhibitions Coordinator at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, University of Melbourne. Samantha has twenty five years experience in the arts and cultural sectors. Samantha served as Project Curator for Ancestral Memory.

Jefa Greenaway is Director of Greenaway Architects and the first Indigenous Architect to be registered in Victoria. Jefa served as Creative Consultant for Ancestral Memory.